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Each cushion is handmade to fit the size of your choice and also individually packaged in its own protective cover for storage. The cushions consist of a handle to carry and a protective cover when not in use.  You can order a cushion based on fabric choices in stock or you can purchase fabric for your own custom look to fit your style.


Wynn Wynn Ministries was started in June 2016 by Mr. & Mrs. Wynn.  Mr. Wynn noticed a brand new cushion, laying around in a terminal where he worked.  He knew the ministry of prayer of his wife Linda and knew that would be just what she needed to protect her knees during her numerous hours of prayer.

The Wynn's are a part of an apostolic ministry and at the time, they did not have a building.  They would travel to different places kneeling.  Their leaders teach the 3 ways to worship God, which are kneeling, bowing, laying prostrate (Psalm 95:6).  When Mrs. Wynn took the prayer cushion to church and started kneeling during prayer time, many requested one just like it.

Mr. Wynn heard the Lord say, “If you make them, they will buy them”. So they prayed to the Lord and he gave them his answer. They searched different companies to manufacturer the cushions but found the cost was too pricey.  They were able to find a manufacturer that was willing to teach them how to make the cushions.  That started a journey and Mrs. Wynn took one sewing class while Mr. Wynn visited different suppliers to get wood cut.

The first cushion was made and immediately purchased by their leaders.  The next order was for 100 cushions for the ministry. 

  Be persistent and devoted to prayer, being alert and focused in your prayer life with an attitude of thanksgiving. Col 4:2 AMP 


"I brought a prayer pillow from this ministry. I couldn't fully use it initially because I had bad knees. I've since had both knees replaced, the last being December 7, 2017. My church is currently on a 120 day prayer marathon and I decided to try using the pillow rather than stand or sit. I must confess it was comfortable to my knees, which are both less than a year old, and no distractions of pain or discomfort. I started at 15 minutes and have worked my way up to close to 30 minutes. I bless God for these pillows and I believe that there's an anointing on them to help you get the job done in prayer, no matter how long!!!!! To God Be The Glory!"

~ Judith Jennings